We believe in a world where
everyone can be an
Ocean Guardian

In 2021, we are establishing the first ever community conservation lab in The Bahamas on Cat Island. The establishment of this lab is critical to being able to train community members as science divers, so they can be the guardians of the ocean and the lands that they call home. Will you join us as an Ocean Guardian by supporting this vital work with a monthly donation?

Join us for a special event this Thursday April 17 7PM ET. This free online event will feature a screening of two powerful and heartwarming original short films, Bodies of Water and Antonese, which shed light on the painful colonial history and development of The Bahamas and present a future of great hope and opportunity. Antonese is a CICI Community Marine Scientist. Click link below and RSVP for the event.

Cat Island Conservation Institute has teamed up with Only.One to tell the story of Bahamians relationship with the ocean and water through the Land of the Shallow Seas project. Join us on this amazing journey as we learn from local communities, historians, and conservation leaders what it means to protect the islands, and love the ocean.