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Land of the Shallow Seas

Join us on a journey to envision a resilient future for The Bahamas. Cat Island Conservation Institute and Young Marine Explorers has teamed up with Only One and Conchboy Films to bring you two short films, “Bodies of Water” and “Antonese”, that tell the complex story of Bahamians’ history with the ocean and journey towards a new future filled with hope and ocean love. 

Become an ocean superhero and join our community of Ocean Guardians
to ensure a future for marine conservation in The Bahamas

In 2021, we are establishing the first community conservation lab in The Bahamas on Cat Island. Our goal for this year is to provide opportunities for up to 20 local community members like Antonese to become trained community marine scientists. This training will include PADI scuba diver certification, Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment protocols, and other marine habitat assessment skills. This is a unique opportunity for local community members who have never had the opportunity or means to have formal marine science or scuba diving training, and open up the opportunity to explore a new trade as Bahamian Science Divers.

Your donation will help fund the CICI Bahamas community marine scientist program and will cover expenses such as:

  • A stipend for each marine scientist in training to help cover their living expenses during training
  • A full set of professional scuba diving gear
  • PADI Open Water Diver certification and Bahamas Science Diver training related expenses
  • Boat rental for dive days
  • Ongoing funding to assess and monitor local coral reef health

The success of this program depends on you. The best way to ensure we can provide a future for the ocean and its Guardians is to support us as a donor. Please reach out via our contact form to learn more.

100% of funds support conservation projects in The Bahamas. Cat Island Conservation Institute is a program of YME Bahamas a registered Bahamian NGO.



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